We believe where there are opportunities, there’s also possibilities. And those possibilities are endless with the right resources. BeKnown Communities capitalize on the amenities already provided within your neighborhood and turn them into prime areas for people to gather. 

Our primary goal is to make known the people within your community. The social events we create are more than for pure pleasure and entertainment. They are strategically designed to produce a community based environment and lifestyle within your neighborhood.  

We provide residential communities with a community engagement specialist to: 

  • Conduct neighborhood quality assessments
  • Identify neighborhood amenities, assets, and opportunities for social engagement
  • Create and implement a 12-month neighborhood action plan
  • Coordinate social gatherings to promote engagement, social inclusion and sense of belonging
  • Organize social interest groups amongst residents
  • Provide consultation and training for association board members, residents and volunteers on implementing engagement tools
  • Evaluate engagement levels and make enhancements to improve effectiveness

Event Management:

Provide expertise in the development, organization, administration, and execution of all social gatherings, events and clubs.

  • Brainstorm and conceptualize theme and purpose of gatherings
  • Provide budget, cash flow and financial management
  • Provide logistic support and management
  • Negotiate vendor contracts and agreements
  • Assist with recruiting and training volunteers 
  • Design, print and distribute marketing material

Board Support:

  • Attend monthly and annual board meetings, as needed
  • Provide monthly status report of action plan
  • Conduct orientation for new homeowners