While social distancing and staying home prevents the spread of the Coronavirus, it adversely places strains on a person’s mental and emotional well being. With greater demands and challenges placed on home life, this type of  practice for an extended period of time can easily turn into social isolation.

Here at BeKnown Communities, we focus our attention on minimizing the likelihood of residents becoming socially isolated or experiencing feelings of loneliness at home.

By partnering with Association Board Members and Property Managers, we have the opportunity to keep residents connected and engaged during the pandemic. Implementing these social engagement opportunities will ensure them that they aren’t alone in their home after all.

Lifestyle Management services during Covid-19:

Resident Wellness Check-Ins

By Phone

Residents can receive a personal phone call from our lifestyle managers just to check on the status of their household’s well-being and to assess any possible needs.

By Screen

Residents can attend virtual group meetups hosted by our lifestyle managers to communicate current experiences with each other and share resources.

By Curbside

Sometimes virtual contact isn’t enough, and after months of being socially isolated, residents want to engage with others in person. Our lifestyle managers can visit residents safely from the curbside of their home.

Virtual Social Events

BeKnown Communities’ lifestyle managers can assist board members with planning and hosting social events safely online. Providing an alternative for cancelled or postponed events, will provide residents another way to stay engaged while at home. 

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