Have you ever considered that when kids go back to school, so do you? Some parents think that going back to school finally gives them freedom to be grown again! However, I’d beg to differ and would even go to the extent to say, that’s when the real work begins. Whether you have children or not, schools in session for you as well. Always remember, it takes a village to raise a child. Therefore, be available in your spare time. Keep watch and assist wherever you can.


Part of being a good neighbor and living intentional has to do with your ability to adapt to your surroundings. Here you will find different ways you can prepare your household and neighborhood for the upcoming school year.


  1. Identify any childcare, teachers or tutors in your neighborhood.
  2. Learn who your neighborhood parents are and share contact information.
  3. Learn who belongs in your neighborhood.
  4. Be aware of the bus stop locations and pick up/drop off times.
  5. Make sure the bus stop is well lit for safety of the children.
  6. Place “Slow Down: Children Live Here” signs around the neighborhood.
  7. Make sure speed limit signs are visible. (Install speed bumps, if necessary.)
  8. Make sure all light post are working throughout the entire neighborhood.


Here are some activities and other ideas you can implement:


  1. Host a neighborhood back to school party.
  2. Host a school supply drive.
  3. Host a healthy lunch box meal prep class.
  4. Host a morning prayer gathering for the neighborhood kids.
  5. Host tutoring or study group sessions.
  6. Offer carpool rides to or from school.
  7. Offer before/after school care assistance.
  8. Offer classes on bullying and other school-related issues.
  9. Offer assistance with scholarship searches, college applications, and other preparations.


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